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Fiat 500 Sportster by G-Tech

9 Aug 2012 1:31 am | Cars, Fiat

This bug has definitely been done a treatment with steroids. The doctors in charge of it are G-Tech, Germany based tuners. And the patient is the so obvious Fiat 500. They’ve named the little beast the Sportster and have equipped it with a brand new front bumper, redesigned rear fascia with integrated diffuser and a centrally place exhaust system, and remodeled side skirts. Alongside these, G-Tech have done some revisions to the roof of the Fiat 500, now giving the…

Fiat 500 ‘550 Italia’ by Lazzarini Design

28 Jun 2012 1:12 am | Cars, Fiat

A company from Italy called Lazzarini Design has simply gone mad with their latest project. They probably thought it would be nice to try to fit a V8 engine from Ferrari in the back of the ultra small Fiat 500 and that’s how the ”550 Italia’ program was born. This stunning project sports an aerodynamic body kit with brand new bumpers, a prominent rear wing, redesigned side skirts, a dual exhaust system, reinforced chassis and an air intake mounted on…

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