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Rolls Royce Ghost by Wald International

13 Apr 2013 9:07 am | Cars, Rolls Royce

Wald International are renowned as some of the best luxury car tuners in the world and this staggering Rolls Royce Ghost worked out by them doesn’t disappoint. It further proves these guys mean business. This handful of Japanese folk are doing well in tuning up both luxury cars and supercars, with many examples that we’ve already displayed throughout the existence of TuningCult. Yet again, here’s another proof of their exquisite expertise, a superbly tweaked and garnished Rolls Royce Ghost. This…

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Bison by Wald International

23 Dec 2012 11:42 pm | Cars, Rolls Royce

It’s not really a secret that the Rolls-Royce Ghost is not one of the best cars for the aftermarket industry. In fact, we haven’t actually heard of many car tuners which decided to work on such a car. But the Japanese tuners from Wald International have just introduced their trademark Black Bison Package for this luxury supercar. The kit for the Ghost reportedly costs around YEN 1.3 million (which in European money is  around €11,800 and in American cash –…

Rolls-Royce Phantom Conquistador by Platinum Motorsport

24 Oct 2012 9:16 pm | Cars, Rolls Royce

What we got here is a purely magnificent Rolls-Royce Phantom, superbly modified by Platinum Motorsport. It has received a brand new body kit, courtesy of Mansory, called the Conquistador, and a ginormous set of Gionelle Santorini wheels measuring 26 inches in diameter. The most staggering feature though is the paintjob. The Rolls has received a stunning two tone look, from the factory silver to a matte black with superb semi satin gold accents. In addition, to make it even more…

Rolls-Royce Ghost by Wald International

22 Jul 2012 2:00 pm | Cars, Rolls Royce

These photos make us wonder – why would the ultimate luxury car need additional upgrades? Why would anyone embark on such an excruciatingly hard task of improving a Rolls Royce – the king of automotive luxury. Perhaps Wald, the Japanese tuner we’re talking about, has managed to answer the questions. Let’s find out, shall we? Their extreme styling kit which is usually called ‘Black Bison’ was chosen to be mounted on the Rolls Royce Ghost. The elegant limousine was consequently…

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