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2013 Toyota Auris by Modellista

12 Oct 2012 9:43 am | Cars, Toyota

Even small cars like the Toyota Auris can be targets for tuning firms worldwide. And given the fact that Toyota is a Japanese brand, the ideal tuning firm to modify one would also be a Japanese one. And it has happened already – Modellista have put together a brand new aftermarket program for the 2013 Toyota Auris. The body kit for the Auris consists of a brand new set of headlights, almost alike Manga comic books, new front grille, redesigned…

Toyota Prius Sports Line by Wald International

11 Jul 2012 11:24 pm | Cars, Toyota

Let’s face it, the Toyota Prius is one of the ugliest hybrids out there and probably that’s why the guys from Wald International have thought they should make it a bit more attractive with their special Sports Line upgrade package. Actually, they’ve released another upgrade package for the Prius back in 2010 dubbed as the Exclusive Line but this one is even better. In case you’ve already heard of the company’s trademark Black Bison kit, this upgrade program includes parts…

Ferrari F430 Replica Based On A Toyota Celica

2 Jun 2012 9:51 am | Builds, Toyota

We rarely see radical tuning kits which convert one car to resemble another, especially conversion kits that look really well, but this one is quite good. A Toyota Celica was dressed in a custom made kit to look exactly like the Ferrari 430 and the result was pretty impressive. The Pontiac Fiero would be simply the best choice to do such radical conversions on, being mid-engined and almost identical to today’s exotic cars. These guys, though, have chosen to put…

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