Dacia Duster Stormtrooper Makeover by Elia

17 Dec 2012 7:28 am | Cars, Dacia

We have previously presented a tuning project for the Dacia Duster during the summer, by the same tuner we’re featuring now. Elia, the specialist behind these projects, has this time chosen to garnish the Duster with a Star Wars stormtrooper design. Let’s check it out!

The base car is a white Dacia Duster which was later fitted with matte black accents on the lower bumper, mirrors and new heel arch extensions, alongside new decals for the lower parts of the doors.

Under the car, Elia has managed to fit a set of 20 inch alloy wheels with matte black and chroming accents. Regarding chrome accents, they have also mounted front and rear bull bars, alongside tubular rocket protectors, done with the aforementioned garnish.

The final touches of this tuning package signed Elia are represented by a new sound system, upgraded LED lights and a top notch, sports exhaust system. We’re really eager to see more of this brand – the Duster has quite some potential!