Dodge Challenger SRT8 by Vossen

18 Nov 2013 12:00 pm | Cars, Dodge

Muscle-car Mania time! If you were alive back in July, you should’ve checked out the triple black Dodge Challenger  tuned up by Vossen. If you didn’t, you missed out, but no worries, ’cause Vossen will fortgive you; better yet, they’ve been working on another Challenger project, this time starting from the more powerful Dodge Challenger SRT8.

First of all, I gotta say I love the fact that this Challenger was wrapped in matte black 3M vinyl. There’s a beautiful contras created by the set of metallic gloss silver CV-T 22-inch rollers and the green-colored break calipers. Looking tough and cool at the same time! Vossen also fitted the Charger with an Accuair suspension kit and a Vortech Supercharger, resulting in an output of  over 700 hp.

I love this evil, dark version of Bumblebee; it’s like the perfect ride for Rob Halford to shout out of and let us know we’ve got another thing commin’. Hey, this is a tastefully designed Challenger – in my opinion – and even if I’m mistaken, I would surely love to be cruising behind this bad boy. One sweet ride!