Dodge Challenger Vapor by U.S. Air Force

30 Jan 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Dodge

When I found this on the Internet, I literally froze in my chair – and not from the cold. It seems this bad-ass Dodge Challenger, called the Vapor, built by the U.S. Air Force is the latest recruitment tool in use. Now, that’s creative, to say the least. But looking at this Dodge I can’t help but stare and fear it.

It seems this Dodge was developed using all sorts of military specific technology, thus looking like a stealth vehicle meant for 4-wheeled assassinations. The Vapor super-car was fitted with an infrared thermal image camera on the front bumper; together with the roof-mounted 360-degree surveillance camera, this enables the driver to see right through pitch black darkness using the built-in dashboard command center. Anyone remember the K.I.T.T.?

Inside the Dodge, the cabin features a command center comprised out of three LCD screens which also give the driver the ability to activate/deactivate the “stealth exhaust system”, making this black beast a super sneaky, ultra silent attack tool. The stealth matte black paint job is unavoidable and mega-cool! And, it’s the same stuff they use on their stealth planes. Those cool doors are Biometric controlled, while those unique black wheels are made completely out of carbon fiber. This Dodge is one kick-ass ride!