Ducati Diavel DVC by Moto Corse Japan

18 Jan 2013 9:26 pm | Bikes, Ducati

We can summarize the Ducati brand pretty easily – motorbiking perfection since 1926. And those who fancy the brand and the extraordinary Ducati Diavel are going to be particularly pleased by what we have found recently – Moto Corse Japan have managed to put together a magnificent customization package for the Diavel at a ridiculously high price.

The model, priced at $70,000 (or around €52,500 if you’re European), is somewhat double the price of the brand new standard Carbon Diavel. You will get a lot for those money though, the kit being surprisingly consistent. It is packed with custom-manufactured parts, crafted from carbon fiber and titanium, alongside CNC aluminium components.

Literally, the DVC replaces almost all the standard parts of the bike. Furthermore, the Japanese brand has thought of removing the rear sprocket and installed a faster changing one. This has happened for most of the parts on the Diavel.

In addition, and what’s even more surprising, is the fact that there won’t be two identical custom DVC Diavels on the market. Uniqueness is a key factor for exclusivity and we dearly like it. The brand new Motor Corse Japan Ducati Diavel DVC is truly astonishing!