FAB Design Porsche Panamera by Office-K

10 Dec 2013 6:10 pm | Cars, Porsche

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably seen some interesting drive out the Office-K garage doors in Tokyo – some more than others. Due to the tuner’s status of official FAB Design dealer, their latest project is just as awesome as you’d expect it to be. Check out this matte blue Porsche Panamera, finished with a FAB Design! Isn’t it just off the hook?

The FAB Design Porsche Panamera features a body-kit and new front hood. At the back of the previously German super-car rear you will find a big carbon fiber rear wing, new tail pipes and a new diffuser that improves handling. The Panamera was also outfitted with 22 inch black FAB Design wheels. But I just love the matte paint-job – sure, the fact that it’s on a Porsche doesn’t really bother me, either. Fancy a ride?