Ferrari 458 Is Anything With Yellow Prior Design

19 Dec 2016 2:56 am | Cars, Ferrari


prior-design-widebody-ferrari-458-looks-odd-in-yellow-has-forgiato-wheels_2 prior-design-widebody-ferrari-458-looks-odd-in-yellow-has-forgiato-wheels_3

Ferrari 458 Is Anything With Yellow Prior Design

First, it’s hard to think of any car which is totally, universally viewed as beautiful, the 458 Italia certainly has to be one of the Ferrari’s most stunning models in recent memory in the world.

Before the adoption of turbocharging ruined the model’s flowing lines for the 488, the 458 perfectly combined aggression and unrivaled road presence with style, sophistication and elegance. From every angle, there are eye-catching edges and surfaces all combining in a wondrous package of power, panache and beauty.

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However, the crew from tuning shop Creative Bespoke clearly disagree. Not satisfied with the 458’s standard looks, they opted to install Prior Design’s not-so-subtle bodykit. This sees the implementation of a new bumper with canards, lowered and sharpened side skirts and a rear end that may leave you scratching your head.