Ferrari F12berlinetta by Wheelsandmore

4 Dec 2012 9:45 pm | Cars, Featured, Ferrari

Just a week ago we’ve featured the jaw dropping Ferrari F12berlinetta from Novitec Rosso and now another renowned tuning company has unveiled an upgrade program for Ferrari’s fastest production car ever built. The German tuners from Wheelsandmore have added their touch to the Ferrari F12berlinetta and the result is even more crazy.

Their upgrade program increases the driving pleasure and performance of this supercar and thanks to a revised software and a new high flow optimized exhaust system, the v12 engine from the F12berlinetta has now 785 horsepower, 45HP more than the car’s initial power output.

The driver can control the sound of this new exhaust system just by pressing a button but that’s not all. This package also includes a new set of stylish 22″ 6Sporz wheels wrapped in high performance tires from Pirelli, which can be ordered in any possible color. A new set of sport springs lower the car’s ride height by 30 mm and in the future Wheelsandmre plans to come up with a carbon fiber body kit for the Ferrari F12berlinetta.