Fiat 500 Sportster by G-Tech

23 Sep 2013 3:38 pm | Cars, Fiat

Not a big fan of Fiat, I must say; sure, the brand has its history and legacy – which one doesn’t, these days – and with these invasion of marketing campaigns and advertising, hell.. I could even sell sand in the desert and convince you that you actually need it; even the Germans are not fans of Fiat – Fehler In Alle Teile (mistakes in every part), that’s their opinion of the Italian car, spoken only amongst friends. I guess there are some who consider Fiat worth their attention – and money – since both Opel and Chevrolet equip their vehicles with Italian engines – manufactured in Poland, but still.. you get the point.

So does the German team at G-Tech, which decided to work on the Fiat 500 and add a little flavor to the tiny appealing car; I have to tell you I respect the legacy of the original 500, it was original, inspirational and practical. My neighbor had one, and it was worthy of attention. Now, regarding its resurrected relative, I’m biased to the Abarth take on the model  – sure, it’s more expensive, but it leaves the gayety behind, in proper good style and macho attitude. The standard issued Fiat 500 is for cute girls, old girls who think their cute and hairdressers.

The G-Tech project starts out with – you guessed it – a Fiat 500 Abarth, tuned further; much further. The German team didn’t just stick to plating parts and chroming metal, they went all the way, baby! These people chopped the roof and stripped every panel off the body-work in order to consider the 500 Sportster their own. The front and rear bumpers are new and built in-house; so are the side sills and basically every other panel line on the car. On the inside, G-Tech fitted the 500 Sportster with special Recaro sports seats, Momo steering wheel and racy stainless-steel pedals.

But what did they change under the bonnet? Well, that little 1.4-liter turbo engine can be pushed to extreme levels; the power output ranges from 221 hp all the way to 335 hp – try that hairdresser’s car! I don’t know if you noticed, but this particular 500 Sportster comes from Japan, where its customer asked for a yellow with black accents paint-job , and also received a set of American-made wheels, provided by HRE – the P40S rims in a brush tinted clear look. Now tell me, is this yellow Fiat worthy of a new Taxi-series role, or what?!