Fiat 500 Sportster by G-Tech

9 Aug 2012 1:31 am | Cars, Fiat

This bug has definitely been done a treatment with steroids. The doctors in charge of it are G-Tech, Germany based tuners. And the patient is the so obvious Fiat 500. They’ve named the little beast the Sportster and have equipped it with a brand new front bumper, redesigned rear fascia with integrated diffuser and a centrally place exhaust system, and remodeled side skirts.

Alongside these, G-Tech have done some revisions to the roof of the Fiat 500, now giving the car a sporty look and eye-catching appearance. They haven’t focused that much on the interiors of the Fiat 500, just adding a set of Recaro Seats, Mono steering wheel and stainless steel paddles.

In terms of performance, the least powered version delivers 221 HP (165 kW). If you feel the need for more nags, you can choose the Fiat 500 Sportster RS, with an output of 247 HP (184 kW), or, you may go for the top of the range, the stunning Sportster RGT which develops a stunning 335 HP (250 kW).