Ford Excursion Monster Limo – Sin City Hustler

25 Jun 2015 7:23 pm | Cars, Ford


Ford Excursion Monster Limo – Sin City Hustler

Who the hell makes these things? Big Toyz Racing Motors, that’s who.  The Sin City Hustler, as this thing is called, is the world’s first limo monster truck and that the thing is absolutely huge.

Let’s see the good stuff.  This car packs and 8.5 liters V8 engine which chunks out 700 horsepower.  Regardless of its size, 700 horsepower should be enough to move anything with four wheels confidently.  Having that kind of suspension and wheels (we would gladly tell you their size but apparently there isn’t a large enough number) means that it is probably very good off road.  Lastly, it is 32 feet long and there is more than enough room for 12 people.


So why is it bad?  Well, it should be an off roader and a limo.  Off road cars usually need to be hell of a lot smaller to find their way through tracks not often beaten, and 7 tons of weight is definitely not an advantage should you get stuck somewhere.  Next, although there is more than enough place for 12 people, which is great for limo, it doesn’t really provide you with a kind of a luxury that you would expect when you get inside a limo.  Just getting inside means that you need to climb.  When you do get up there, you will have to sit in individual bucket seats which are probably the only way to keep occupants safe in this kind of a monster.

So, we don’t like it?  Well, our minds say no, but it is just too damn awesome.