Ford GT by Whipple

4 Oct 2013 8:36 pm | Cars, Ford

I’ve always loved Shelby projects, and the Ford GT is the best one ever; whether you like the old version or its latest brother, there’s no arguing: everyone loves the Ford GT. You just can’t help it. Lucky for us, we’re dealing with another kind of GT! Or, are we?

This red and white-striped Ford GT passed through the ‘Whipple’ garage, where the team fitted a twin-screw supercharger. The power output – verified on the dyno in the video below – has reached an unbelievable 699hp. While all that power is sent to the rear wheels, this Ford should prove one hell of a joy ride!

I’m not really that excited when it comes to testing cars on dynos is; seems boring to me – except the engine sounds. Now that’s exciting! The modified car was initially a 2006 Ford GT – 3,351 lb slab of American muscle, featuring a 5.4-liter Supercharged Modular V8 that produces 550hp and sets the 0-100km/h time limit to 3.2 seconds. I’m guessing the modified version should be loads of fun!