Ford Mustang GT Bagged

19 Nov 2015 1:07 am | Cars, Featured, Ford


Ford Mustang GT Bagged

I usually don’t really like bagging. I find it ridiculous, unnecessary, highly impractical and not even that good looking. However, this 2015 Mustang GT is really good looking.

I don’t know what makes it so different from most other bagged cars. Maybe it’s the top line of the car, which gives a bit of lift both at the far front and far rear of the car, drawing attention away from the bagging, which, in turn, also slams the car to the ground and thus increases the appeal.


Either way, the car looks awesome. The color is gunmetal grey and it goes really well with the dark HRE wheels standing in the flared wheel arches. The car has been lowered using air suspension and another addition is the sport exhaust which happily translates the sounds from the 5 l V8. Although the figures have not yet been released, this new exhaust might actually be enough to surpass the power of the Camaro SS, which leads the standard Mustang GT by 30 hp. Not much of a practical difference, but enough to brag about.