HRE Present P2-Series Wheels for Huracan & Ferrari 488

12 Jun 2016 4:23 pm | Cars, Ferrari

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HRE Present P2-Series Wheels for Huracan & Ferrari 488

This HRE wheels is looks good, and this will getting a Ferrari and a Lamborghini to show them off for the camera kind of looks like a great idea.

HRE even states that their new P2-series wheels come with a unique twisted spoke geometry, plus 360 degree surfacing, inspired by brand new Italian exotics such as the Lamborghini Aventador SV and Ferrari 488 GTB.

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The wheels are available in three sizes (20″/21″/22″) and multiple finishes. For example the green Huracan is wearing a set of Brushed Titanium P200s, whereas the 488 is on a set of Satin Bronze P204s.

In terms of power, there’s no way to tell which performance upgrade hides underneath that “hood”, so it may be packing anywhere between 756 PS (745 HP) and 772 PS (761 HP). Also, since the Novitec Rosso tune came with its own custom wheels, let us know if you think those looked better than the P204s from HRE Wheels.