Iron Lung by Icon

18 Dec 2013 12:36 pm | Bikes, Harley Davidson

The Iron Lung is part racing bike, part rat bike. It takes us back to a long-gone road racing era, when bikes were powerful, but almost impossible to ride, when the riders were considere superheros by the eager kids watching them race on TV. The Iron Lung is a speed machine, basically built for being ridden as hard as the pilot dares to, based on the 1991 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. But the Iron Lung got a bore job, and the displacement jumped to 1,200cc. This is another intriguing custom build from Icon, yet different from what the tuner has gotten us accustomed with.

The evil Sportster is what Icon calls “an accident waitring to happen”. The Iron features a much bigger fork – to accommodate the beefy bobber-approved front tire, a custom fairing, relocated oil tank and a radical Supertrapp trumpet-like exhausts. Add the rearsets and a racing rear cowl and you’ve got yourself an ugly, yet hard-core racing bike. This is one for the truly passionate ones, eager to race and live at the very edge of their seat – literally!