Jaguar F-Type Styling Program by Piecha Design

3 May 2015 6:21 am | Cars, Jaguar


Jaguar F-Type Styling Program by Piecha Design

The Jaguar F-Type is already amazing as it is. Depending on the choice between standard or S models, 3 l V6 or 5 l V8 and 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, the power ranges between 340 hp and 550 hp, acceleration to 60 mph (96 km/h) between 5.5 s and 3.9 s while the top speed goes from 161 mph (260 km/h) to 186 mph, breaking the 300 km/h barrier. Both engine options provide stunning soundtrack and they are so good that choosing the significantly less powerful V6 is a matter of preference, rather than price.


Both the interior and the exterior look amazing. On the outside you can choose between the stunning line of the coupe or the wonderful feeling of driving with the top down in the convertible. On the inside, everything seems reassuringly massive, but it is tasteful, rather than clumsy. The F-Type is a winner in every aspect.


However, Piecha Design thought they could make it even better – and they have. They upped the aggression of the design by adding cup wings at the front and conspicuous side skirts, while the rear is adorned by an all new diffuser, lip spoiler and exhaust.

Optional features of the styling program include lowering sport springs and 20” wheels. The convertible has an additional option called Comfort Varioroof Module which enables you to control roof and windows from your key fob.