Jaguar XJ220 by Vilner

9 Dec 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Jaguar

The Jaguar XJ220is the most exquisitite and impressive car ever to be built by the British car maker and may actually be one of the coolest car ever; at least, it is to me. Owners and fans alike will probably tell you that this is certainly not the most luxurious or appealing vehicle to ride in, but that’s a good thing; it wasn’t meant to be. The XJ220 supercar is all about performance and speed.

Despite that, the owner of an eye-catching brown Jaguar XJ220 headed to design studio Vilner ahd requested the car be fitted with a thoroughly revised interior. While the overall design of the interior has been upgraded, it remains true to the original car with most parts simply being reupholstered. The cabin now features brown leather, found throughout particularly on the seat and door trims as well as down the transmission tunnel. Vilner has also finished an array of components in brown alcantara, such as the headliner and the inside of the A-pillars. Please note that thw special steering wheel is new.