Kahn Design Defender Pickup with Pink Details

15 Aug 2015 10:37 am | Cars, Land Rover


Kahn Design Defender Pickup with Pink Details

Unfortunately, there is no mistake in the title. Based on their previous work, we’ll give Kahn some credit and assume that this car was ordered as such, since it’s difficult to believe that they would do this to any car, let alone a Defender.


Aside from the unneeded pink accents, we have to say that the car looks great. The body kit includes a new bumper with daytime running lights and darkened headlights, new sump guard, absolutely beautiful grille, new bonnet and side vents and widened wheel arches with visible bolts. The exterior is rounded off by 16” retro wheels and Corris Grey color where the detested pink hasn’t ruined the car.


The interior also has loads of cool stuff. The Sports GTB seats are covered with black leather and loads of Alcantara. The rugged look is enhanced using machined aluminum pedals and a great Churchill clock. Why, oh why is there anything pink on this car?