Kahn Design Range Rover Sport SDV6

6 Sep 2015 9:57 am | Cars, Land Rover


Kahn Design Range Rover Sport SDV6

Some people seem to have a problem with tuning diesel cars. I really don’t. Diesels are no longer what they used to be and they are usually good enough to compete with petrol cars in terms of performance, while still providing better fuel efficiency and giving more torque.


This is why it is not a surprise that Kahn Design decided to improve the Range Rover Sport SDV6. This week, apart from getting fine performance and still not wasting money and fuel, you also get a very cool styling.


The body kit includes a different bumper, chin spoiler and RS grille with 3D mesh combined with orange vents and grille details for the front. The whole car is painted gray and it has very suitably-sized 23-inch wheels.

The interior also has a lot of orange in it. Nappa leather seats, armrests, details on doors, central part of the steering wheel, and a part of dashboard are all in this color.