Lamborghini Gallardo Spider “Morohoshi’s Special”

6 Oct 2014 12:03 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

Ever wondered what happens to a Lamborghini once it arrives in Japan? Here we are, in the mood to enlighten you. What you’re looking at is a custom Lamborghini Gallardo Spider; I’m not commenting on the design choice but we can all agree it’s a bit eccentric. Although the Huracan refreshed the Italian manufacturer’s production line, there’s a whole community in Japan that loves to tune classic Lambos.

It’s tough telling you about it, though. The name of the project translates from Japanese into English as “World’s Strongest Moroboshi Family Chieftain”. Apparently, this is a gang that calls itself that in Tokyo, with Morohoshi-san being their leader – one subject I prefer not to comment on, as well. However, I’m not sure this particular Lamborghini is his or not, but that doesn’t matter really.

The tuner fitted the Italian ride with a blue metallic wrap, a layer of clear blue tint and over some leopard print panels. The popular tron theme is also featured, and yes – they do glow in the dark. The project was nicely finished up with a new set of wheels, Forgiato’s Martellato-M, plated with 24 karat gold. Feel free to speculate upon the price-tah of this tuned-up Lamborghini.