23 Jul 2015 10:11 am | Cars, Featured, Infiniti

Infiniti QX80_LR3_black_3


This exciting automotive upgrade house in California called LARTE Design USA brings unique design aesthetic and a fleet of upgrades for the INFINITI SUV range.


The designs of the Infiniti QX80 and its siblings are clearly high-quality and highly sophisticated in their appeal and aesthetics. LARTE Design handles the QX80’s with three levels of customization packs. These fit the current QX80 as well as the previous QX56 nameplate of the same car.


A serious lighting, aero kit, bumper and exhaust upfit takes the third QX80-LR3 package to a seriously terrifying level of coolnes outside. Inside, wraps in suede take the glamour level up signifitcantly, while the teak wood floor-boards of the cabin are a lovely treat. It looks great either in shiny white or in deep black color!

The latest dark blue QX80 LR3 reflects elegance and freedom. It perfectly fits to a SUV like the QX80 – LR3, which LARTE Design enhanced with some luxury highlights.


The inner qualities of the QX80 – LR3 are also impress with a 400 HP strong V8  turns it into a real power package. This powerfull vehicle convinces with high-quality components sourced from the production of first-class suppliers. Only high-quality composite materials has been used as the material for the QX80’s body kit. Than it goes two pairs of round additional lamps, sophisticated stainless-steel exhaust system from a leading OEM manufacturers and the sign of its quality bears the laser-engraved company logo. Also the four pipes in chrome: two pairs on the left and right rear finalize the style look. All in all, the appearance of all LARTE Infiniti QX80 looks markedly precious. The well-conceived exterior and interior design create noticable highlights.


The LARTE Design QX80-LR1 and QX80-LR2 packages also gives a new look comparing to its original models.

Larte Design Monaco_QX70_3

The wildest of the three upgrade kits, dubbed LR3, is fitted to the Infiniti QX70. The Infiniti QX70 can be justifiably considered as a successful synthesis of a SUV and a sports car. The standard all-wheel driven 5-litres-V8-petrol engine with 7- speed automatic transmission can initially provide performances, which easily stand any comparison. „LR3“comprises an extremely successful front bumper including daytime running lights, the side skirts, fender extensions all around, a rear bumper with F1-rear fog lights, modified exhaust embellishers and a spoiler on the roof edge.

Larte Design Monaco_QX70_2