Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat by SR Auto

23 Jul 2015 5:20 am | Cars, Dodge, Featured


Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat by SR Auto

Liberty Walk cars are as straightforward as they get. If you know anything about tuning, there’s no way you will not recognize an LW work. Liking it, however, is a different matter. These extremely wide and straightforward body kits are instantly recognizable and they are the thing behind many an argument among petrolheads.


The recipe is completed the same as with any other LW conversion. This Dodge Challenger Hellcat features extremely wide fenders with visible bolts, as well as very big side skirts and all new bumpers for the front and rear alike, while you can also opt for the rear wing.

Such wide fenders call for similarly wide wheels, so SR Auto opted for gold 20” PUR LG01.