Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

4 May 2015 5:11 pm | Cars, Featured, Nissan


Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

Liberty Walk is epic! It just is. It doesn’t matter if you like tuning or not and it doesn’t matter which kind you like – this is what you thought a beast of a car looked like when you were a kid. And you were right.


The Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R has been a developing project for 4 years now. Back in 2011 it received Airrex air suspension which lowered it to the height of an iron. After that, they employed Kline Innovation in order to provide the ride with the proper soundtrack. The solution was the custom turboback exhaust uninhibited by a catalyst and boasting great carbon-fiber tips. The sounds from it resemble the high-revving and hissing sounds from a Formula One car.


Maybe the most obvious thing is the wide body kit which seems buttoned to the body. This, seemingly careless, setup gave the car a more rugged racy feel, especially when added to the 20” PUR Forged LG04 alloy wheels.

In order to make this car run good enough to justify the extreme looks, the engine received some tweaks as well – modifications to the ECU and gearbox software, bigger injectors and new intake brought the power rating to almost 700 hp. What more can you ask for?