Lorinser S70 6.0 V12 Bi-Turbo based on the Mercedes S600

7 Jun 2012 9:00 am | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

We’ve let our hats down in front of what has to be one of the most powerful Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars ever put together. Conceived by Lorinser, this vehicle is not something everyone should trifle with. Reportedly named the S70 6.0 V12 Bi-Turbo, the monster is based on a Mercedes S600.

The stock car has received a brand new aerodynamic body kit that features redesigned side skirts, ventilated fenders, new bumpers, a rear diffuser, a set of 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport tires and a roof-mounted spoiler.

The interior has undergone just a few, but important changes, Lorinser having decked it with custom upholstered Nappa leather and wood, lacquered in piano black. They’ve also revised the instrument cluster and placed Lorinser badges and crests all over the steering wheel, seats, head rests and dashboard.

In terms of power, this is a practically a different car. The massive 6.0-liter V12 (M275) engine has been added brand new camshafts, had its ECU completely revised, received a new sports exhaust system and larger turbochargers.  These changes result in a stronger output of 794 HP (592 kW) and 1270 Nm (936 lb-ft) of torque. The S70 can reach a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) or, if requested, 330 km/h (205 mph).