Mansory Porsche Macan Revealed

28 Jul 2015 4:49 am | Cars, Porsche


Mansory Porsche Macan Revealed

Even though the guys from Mansory have been known to take their creations too far, this rendition of the Porsche Macan is just beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, following the familiar Mansory philosophy, it’s not the understated in any way, but it still looks great.


The body kit includes things like widened front and rear wings, all new front spoiler, LED daytime running lights, a big spoiler at the back and a pretty large diffuser surrounded by tailpipes which and the custom exhaust system. To connect the front and the rear, the site view of the car includes side skirts and 22” SPIDER wheels which look even better since the car is lowered using benefits of air suspension.


The inside offers many options for customization according to the buyer’s desires. Vast majority of interior features can be covered in aluminum, carbon, wood, leather or Alcantara.

There are also two kits used to improve the performance of the diesel S and the Turbo, respectively. The Turbo now packs 464 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque, while the diesel makes use of 300 horsepower and massive 700 Nm of torque.