Matte White Dodge Challenger Widebody by Ultimate Auto

6 Sep 2013 9:00 pm | Cars, Dodge

I usually don’t appreciate modern versions of older, old-school classic models; I’m just odd that way. But I must admit that the new Dodge Challenger scored high in my book the instant it was launched. Sure, it’s still a classic American car, huge engine, low power output, it hates corners and it drives in Automatic mode only. Which sucks! But the looks and the sound make it worthy.

That’s probably the reason why Ultimate Auto – the tuner and audio specialists from Florida – has chosen the Dodge Challenger as the target for another wide-body project; this time in matte white. Sounds weird? It isn’t. I actually was thinking about painting my own car that way, I though it would look cool. I was right!

The American tuner added a custom fabricated wide-body to the Dodge and massive 24 inch Savini wheels that are wrapped with huge 405 series Pirelli tires. The white and red theme flaunted on the exterior also amazez you while on the inside, where it was applied on the seats and roof. The airflow system was enhanced through a Magnaflow exhaust system to keep it in check when it comes to the required sound! That great, all-American Dodge sound! So, tell me: are you lovin’ it?