McLaren 12C-Spa F by Pfaff Tuning

20 Feb 2014 6:27 pm | Cars, Featured, McLaren

You can’t really say there are a lot of tuned up McLaren super-cars out there – if you get a glimpse ofa new one, give us a sign. Which is why wheenver another one pops up we’re very excited about it, and this one is pretty gosh darn special. So let’s talk about this project and it’s collection of cool parts that make this 12C so cool!

Under the bonnet, the 3,8-liter twin-turbo V8 has been modified using Pfaff Tuning 12C Pro System exhaust and Evolution Motorsports Performance software. There are no exact numbers to go around, but I’m guessing that about 660 hp sounds like a reasonable figure adn enough to satisfy any Petrol-head. Stock wheels were replaced by ADV.1 track speck ones, while Pirelli Trofeo tires were fitted for better traction, acceleration and stopping.

The sleek body-lines were discreetly altered. On the front, the  bumper was crafted by McLaren themselves, by the in-house tuning division “Special Operations”, out of carbon fiber. At the rear, even more carbon fiber bits were fitted upon the 12C, this time designed by famed tuner Vorsteiner, who is also responsible for the side skirts on this McLaren. You like?