McLaren P1 Satin Volcano Red by MSO

9 Dec 2014 6:29 pm | Cars, McLaren

MSO, or McLaren Special Operations, has just introduced to the public a special edition version of the P1, which is called the Satin Volcano Red. I’m not quite sure why it’s special or worth the attention, but I guess a McLaren P1 will always draw attention to it. The supercar was finished in Satin Volcano Red, hence the name, and was also equipped with a 24 carat gold-plated exhaust heat shield.

This bespoke exhaust was meant to reminder everyone of the P1’s predecessor, the McLaren F1. Inside the cabin, this particular McLaren features trim parts that come in the same color as the exterior, while under the bonnet a hybrid powertrain includes a 727 hp and 720 Nm 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and an electric motor that develops an additional 176 bhp.

McLaren is going to build just 375 units of the P1, with some of them to be customized by MSO. The price of the McLaren P1 Satin Volcano Red by MSO has not been disclosed yet.