Mercedes-AMG GT S with Vossen Wheels

7 May 2015 7:01 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-AMG GT S with Vossen Wheels

Back in 1954 the 300SL Gullwing was a revolution. It was the fastest road car of its era, it featured the famed Mercedes-Benz reliability and build quality and it boasted incredible design, the most prominent feature being the Gullwing doors. It instantly became a legend and even today it commends 7-figure prices in auctions and makes the uptight gents from auctions houses race to get their hands on one. So, making a successor was very difficult.


In fact, it was so difficult that they created the successor some 55 years later in 2010 – the SLS AMG. The beastly SLS was a true work of art, making use of outstanding modern hi-tech features and massive V8 engine and still paying homage to its 50+ years older predecessor. However, we didn’t have to wait long for its successor – the Mercedes-AMG GT – which, even though it is usually a difficult task to reate a replacement for a revered car, immediately made us forget about the SLS. The AMG GT’s more pumped version is the AMG GT S and it is also the top result of more than half a century of development in the same direction. It is an outstanding car, with a 4 l V8 which produces 510 hp. It is also a true stunner in terms of looks. There isn’t much to improve here. Or at least we thought so until we saw the AMG GT S with these Vossen wheels.


This white AMG GT S is perfectly complemented by the 20” and 21” wheels at the front and rear respectively. The slightly concave shape also fits perfectly with the rest of the styling, as does the gloss clear finish. Really we can wonder why not every AMG GT is equipped with these wheels. If you liked them, their name is VPS-306.