Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 4×4²

12 Jun 2015 4:24 pm | Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars, Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 4×4²

After the 6×6 version of the G-Class, Mercedes gave us the 4×4². It is a four-wheeled car with several features from the outstanding 6×6 and it brings the 6×6 ride to the people who find the six-wheeled monster a bit too much.


The engine is the 500 V8 with 450 hp and it is pretty sufficient, but guys from Mcchip upped the game and equipped the car with their MC800 G63 AMG powerplant, producing more than 800 hp (about 20 more to be precise). This kind of power boost comes from improved turbochargers, Capristo exhaust, connecting rods made of steel and, of course, whole new software by Mcchip.

Wheels and tires also come from the G63 6×6. The suspension system is KW DDC and it is sturdy enough to endure massive surges of power and me off road perils that might be put in front of this G-Class on steroids.

Putting together that kind of power and such a suspension setup means that you can wipe out almost any car on the road and then go where there are no roads and all.