Mercedes-Benz S-Class by Prior Design

27 Jan 2014 6:36 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Holy Smokes! Look at the awesome wide body-kit Prior Design has created for the previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221). It’s so brutal and so vicious, you get chills down your spine just by looking at it. If someone were to start up this Mercedes, we’d be all in need of a heart transplant.

As for most Prior Design body-kits, this particular one is also made from dura-flex fiber reinforced plastic; it comprises a custom front bumper featuring a lip spoiler and mesh grille inserts, beefier side skirts and a different rear bumper incorporating a diffuser while the trunk wears an add-on spoiler. The Mercedes was also fitted with a new hood, front fenders, rear widenings.

The tuner states that customers may opt out from various types of black alloy wheels, matched with a lowered ride height for a more aggressive and imposing stance. It may be that this Mercedes is the ultimate bad-ass ride, but you should also know that the entire body kit is priced at 6,900 EUR, while painting and installation costs extra..