Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG by Vitt Performance

5 Jul 2012 4:45 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

The car tuners from Vitt Performance have taken parts from the lovely SL65 AMG Black series and mounted them on the R320 Mercedes SL55 AMG, conferring the newly born 4-wheeler a completely new look which is absolutely stunning.

They’ve decked the car with the widebody kit from the SL65 AMG Black, which sports rear fender and bumper, a hood like the one seen on the Black series, new rear wing, new front fender, new front bumper and redesigned side skirts. The brawny brainchild has had all the aforementioned parts done in either carbon fiber or FPR.

There’s a big list of optional upgrades as well, which includes a new brake system, interior parts and a brand new exhaust kit. The changes are far from cheap though, the FPR panels being acquirable for 1,942,000 Yen (approximately $24,400), while the carbon fiber kit – 2,205,000 Yen (around $27,700). They’re available in the United States as well, distributed by Jonari.