MINI Cooper S by Cam Shaft & PP-Performance

10 Apr 2014 6:42 pm | Cars, MINI

When two tuning garages come together and work on a project, you know we’re in for some greatness. Cam Shaft and PP-Performance did just that, working together on a previous generation MINI Cooper S. First on their list was this awesome shiny orange body wrap, featuring a pearl effect and a by the glossy black roof; the wheel arches look really nice with that matte black look. Beauty has a price, somewhere in the region of 1,900 EUR. But please note that the ATS 17-inch alloy wheels, 215/45 R17 Toyo semi slicks and KW variant 2 coil-overs are not included.

The tuners also fiddled around under the bonnet, which means the 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter turbocharged engine now develops 240 PS (176 kW); the added custom exhaust system probably helps, and it’s priced at 1,899 EUR. The engine’s software was remapped, and a different air inlet with sports air filter was fitted. The performance figures should be impressive, but there’s no word on that. Except the top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h). I’d sure love to test that out!