Nero Daytona Ferrari 458 Spider by SR Auto

19 Mar 2014 6:50 pm | Cars, Ferrari

Say hello to my little friend! I wish I could tell everyone the latest creation by Vancouver SR Auto, this awesome Nero Daytona on Rosso Red Interior Ferrari 458 Spider, is mine to enjoy and drive. Meanwhile, the lucky owner gets to enjoy this incredibly sexy Ferrari 458 Spider, now that winter is going away. He’ll be quite busy, too, impressing all those bikini babes.

So, what’s new with this Ferrari? Well, the tuner replaced the OEM wheels with a set of PUR RS06 Forged Monoblock alloys, finished in a sleek Brilliant Silver. Moving on, there’s another nice feature worth mentioning: a lowering system engineered by Novitec Rosso was installed. As we all know, lower is always better, and I’m hooping it adds to faster rides and more stability into the corners. Although discreetly modified, this Ferrari is bound to turn many heads as it passes you by on the streets.