Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsport has 1,400 hp

28 Apr 2015 6:19 pm | Cars, Featured, Nissan


Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsport has 1,400 hp

The GT-R has been tormenting its opponents on the track and especially so during ¼ mile races. Furthermore, numerous tuning companies have been making it even wilder and Jotech is probably one of the most famous GT-R tuners. So, what do you get when you take a beastly car and then give it to the ultimate tuner? You get 1,400 hp.


Jotech offers loads of different packages, all of which are absolutely incredible. The Stage 6 package results in the said power output and it includes a 4.1 l engine built from scratch by the tuners and aided by massive turbochargers. In order to withstand such power, the car also features a Sheptrans Stage 4 transmission.


And these are just the beginning of all the changes for the Stage 6. Instead of creating an endless list, we’ll only say that all of them together cost $95,000, so you can imagine how comprehensive the upgrades are.