Nissan GT-R by Mcchip-DKR

9 Jul 2015 6:36 pm | Cars, Nissan


Nissan GT-R by Mcchip-DKR

Yes, this is yet another tuning attempt at the Nissan GT-R. This one might be a bit different, however. First of all, it is a true example of German craft, so it means that it is NOT going to let you down like some other after a few runs. Furthermore, it might actually surprise many.


The main reason for this is the fact that, unlike most other tuned GT-Rs this one is actually pretty understated in terms of looks. The car is white with several dark details such as wheels, grille and the like. It does not look so different than the regular GT-R which is, admittedly, not an inconspicuous car. The big changes lie under the hood.

And they include new turbochargers, exhaust and Mcchip ECU remap. The software ups the power from the standard 549 hp to 734 hp, making it far more powerful, even though the original was already more than good enough. Once again, remember that this is a reliable daily driver capable of wiping out most other cars whose drivers think that you pack almost 200 hp fewer due to the sheer fact that the car looks standard.