Oettinger VW Golf R500

22 May 2015 3:28 pm | Cars, Volkswagen


Oettinger VW Golf R500

Yes, there’s a VW Golf underneath all that and yes, it is as bad as they get. Probably the best tuner effort at this year’s Worthersee , it packs 520 hp which you can get for EUR150,000. That might be a bit too much, but the Golf is a beloved car and we do feel that the ultimate one will find a buyer.


The power increase comes from an engine swap and loads of other mods. The already impressive GTI power source was replaced by Audi’s 2.5 l TFSI which, in turn, has been heavily modified to produce the mentioned power and 680 Nm of twisting force.

Other changes include new suspension that is to deal with the power increase, 20” absolutely wonderful wheels and a body kit that makes it look like a space ship. I have nothing against loads of hp, but the body kit alone is worthy of an article. Now, if you would just move the drive to the back…