Opel Insignia by Irmscher

28 Apr 2015 6:10 pm | Cars, Opel




Opel Insignia by Irmscher

Opel can’t really be considered a top manufacturer, but the Insignia is an amazing car in every aspect. It has good engines and it looks absolutely amazing, mostly due to the line the car has. This sleek shape was the reason why the Insignia was a tuners’ dream come true.


Irmscher’s take on it is truly amazing. As expected, they made it far more aggressive, first of all by changing the body style. It still follows the same line, but adding more zest to them. The front is bulkier, the side skirts are there and rear diffuser is a special story. The rear also holds a wing. All of the added body parts were tested and set up to keep the aerodynamics features of the factory model. Of course the wheels also grew to 20”.

If you are interested in more than pure cosmetics, there are several levels of performance upgrades, with the most powerful one boasting the power output of 370 hp