Peugeot 308 R Hybrid

24 Apr 2015 6:29 pm | Cars, Featured, Peugeot


Another model tuned by the company which produced it is the Peugeot 308 R HYbrid. The quirky capitalization conceals a car which gives far more power than we are used to from a family city car, especially having in mind that it is a fuel-saving and emissions-reducing hybrid.


The 308 R HYbrid makes use of a 1.6 l THP engine and two more electric motors which provide instant torque delivery and 115 hp each. The total output of the entire powering system comes to 500 hp and 730 Nm of torque. The acceleration to 100 km/h is below at about 4 seconds and the top speed is limited to 250 km/h.


Other improvements include a dedicated body lit, sportier suspension and brakes and several other visual upgrades.

Moreover, there are several different driving modes to choose from. The 500 hp comes only with the ultimate Hot Lap mode, while in Track and Road modes you will have to “settle” for 400 hp and 300 hp respectively.

Oh, yes, it’s a hybrid, so we should mention the emissions – 70 g/km. This means that you will be held dear by many a regulation from environmentally friendly governments – in a 500 hp car. Nicely done Peugeot.