Peugeot RCZ by mbDESIGN

6 May 2015 4:53 pm | Cars, Peugeot


Peugeot RCZ by mbDESIGN

The RCZ did not turn as many heads as Peugeot had expected, but it is by no means a bad car. It did receive loads of awards, but time hasn’t made it legendary. The reason for this might be that it is a FWD sports car, admittedly, with great handling, which boasts several power ratings ranging from 163 hp to 270 hp. Now, a 270 hp sports car is ok (though not really stunning by today’s standards), but 163 hp is kind of average. Where the RCZ is not average is the design.


The car somewhat resembles the Audi TT, but it adds a bit of French charm to the aggressive lines. This is why it is no wonder that tuners form mbDESIGN have decided to play the styling card. This particular car is custom built for a customer and it features white paint contrasted by black pillars and roof and copper side mirrors and wheel lips.


The two-tone wheels themselves are also custom made and they are KV1 “deep concave” model which grew to 20 inches to add a lot of aggression to the lowered suspension.

Add to this a lip spoiler, elegant side skirts and a dark colored diffuser and this Peugeot RCZ is just perfect.