Porsche 911-997 by Misha Designs

9 Apr 2013 3:59 am | Cars, Porsche

Misha Designs, experienced car tuners from Los Angeles, have recently released some photos of the brand new body kit for the 997 Porsche 911.

The 997 used to be extremely renowned among Porsche lovers worldwide, and still is to be honest, even though it is currently replaced by the newer, better looking 991 chassis. Yet still there are a lot of 997 owners looking forward to jacking the looks of their cars up, to get in tone with today’s vogue. Performance-wise, Misha Design’s tuning kit doesn’t bring any better stuff, so let’s skip down to the looks.

This new body kit brings new aerodynamic displacement coefficients, can’t actually realize if in a positive way though – this remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it consists of a new hood, front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper with diffuser and three different rear spoilers to choose from. The spoiler Misha has featured in the gallery is the Duck Tail rear wing – looks rather cool. Furthermore, the body kits that come out of Misha Designs’ hands are decked in white, but customers may paint them according to the colors of their own cars.