Porsche 911 (997) F900 by Switzer

21 Jul 2012 1:28 pm | Cars, Porsche

The guys at Switzer Performance have managed to combine two rather opposite priorities in the automotive industry – greenness and high performance, through their Porsche 997 F900.

Powered by an engine that develops a staggering 900 HP, it uses flex-fuel, making it extremely environmentally friendly, even at high rev. It has taken the tuning brand, based in Ohio, years to develop such technology and to reach such efficiency.

The Porsche 997 F900, though, is based on an older car that went through Switzer’s hands, the “Switzer Sledgehammer” Porsche 997 Turbo – a car whose engine used to deliver 1,000 HP and which could reach maximum speeds of around 200 mph.

It was conceived by a client from Canada, who was already the proud owner of a Sledgehammer 997. On the exterior, the car hasn’t been done any significant work. Apart from a few decals that betray its beasty nature, Switzer and the Canadian customer have decided not to alter its stock looks.

On the other hand, comes the engine. The F900 has been an engineering challenge – the letter F represents “Flex-Fuel”. It is the heir of a few of Switzer’s older projects, like the P800, the Sledgehammer and the R911.
The F900 features humongous intercoolers, CNC-machined y-type intake and state of the art turbochargers, running on ethanol.

Switzer have first used ethanol on the Nissan GT-R E900, thus, the Canadian customer, having noticed the performance of the fuel, wanted it for the F900 too. He reportedly wanted a car “that he could throw anything at. A real, usable, daily-drivable street machine that, at a moment’s notice, could pull up to an E85 station and rip off a pass in the low 10s. Or 9s, ideally.”

Of course, the engine needed a series of modifications in order to be able to use the ethanol efficiently. Switzer have added a series of particular sensors that, through feed-back, send data to a stand-alone ECU, which carefully adjusts injection and timing on the go.

In the end, this car is simply unique. Although it can be partially compared to many supercars of today, none will be able to reach such a great ratio between power and responsibility. You can find the rice by contacting Switzer.