Porsche 911 Stinger by TopCar

6 Aug 2013 8:27 am | Cars, Porsche

Coming from Russia, this staggering Porsche 911 boasts with custom modifications signed by one of the country’s most famous tuners, TopCar. They’ve named it the Stinger, or so we’ve heard.

They’ve managed to do quite some changes to the sportscar, but it still is pretty alike the former 911 package they’ve put together last year. It sports a brand new aerodynamic kit with aggressive-looking bumpers, wider fenders, redesigned side skirts and a carbon fiber hood. The aftermarket kit is extended by a carbon fiber rear spoiler, ADV1 wheels finished in dark metallic tint and diffuser. The series of exterior components is being carried on, but it’s pretty pointless for us to mention the lot. The exhaust is now fitted with dual tailpipes on each side of the rear bumper.

As for the cabin, TopCar says they’ve introduced blue leather upholstery, sill plates with the Stinger nomination and a plethora of carbon fiber trim pieces. More carbon fiber can be conveniently found on the dashboard, doors, sports steering wheel and central console.

In terms of pricing, the lot doesn’t come cheap. The entire package can reportedly be yours for €14,280 ($18,525) and you can have it mounted on either the 911 Carrera 4S or the 911 Carrera 4. The package was on display in Moscow recently.