Porsche 911 Turbo by ZR Auto

21 Apr 2015 1:41 pm | Cars, Porsche


The 996 versions of the Porsche 911 Turbo was not always adored like the other 911s. It was by no means a bad car, but people simply responded better to more traditional (headlights) design. Moreover, plastering a revered GT2 RS moniker on a newly tuned 996 might be considered a bit too much – that is, until you’ve seen this car.

On the outside, the Techart front and rear bumpers, large rear wing, front splitter and side skirts should give some idea that this is not a stock Porsche here. A wonderful mixture of the car’s standard color and red make it look like a racing machine, especially when you have a look at the scorching red wheels with yellow calipers.


However, looks are not what justifies the GT2 RS boasting. The powerplant is. The engine is a 3.6 l DOHC B6 aided by two Sportec turbochargers which give more than 20 PSI of boost. This kind of a push required loads of adjustments, so new intercoolers; injectors, exhaust and heavier-duty camshafts were needed.

The result? The top speed of 209 mph, 0-62 mph of 3.3 seconds all coming from 714 hp. This 996 is a wet dream of every Porsche fan.