Porsche 997 TT Turbo S PDK by Jotech Motorsports

21 Nov 2012 10:59 pm | Cars, Porsche

Following a highly acclaimed series of top notch tuning kits involving a Nissan 370Z, a Nissan GT-R and other cars, the Texan guys at Jotech Motorsports have now brought forth this staggering Porsche 997 TT Turbo S PDK.

They have reportedly mounted a stage 2 tuning package which they’ve manufactured exclusively for the 997 TT, increasing the car’s output to a whopping 595 HP. The car can be fitted with a Champion Motorsports Billet VTG turbo upgrade with custom Jotech tune by the fabled Kenny Tran and intercooler kit, alongside GMG titanium exhaust with Champion Motorsports stainless steel exhaust manifolds and GMG cat-delete pipes. There’s also the possibility for the package to include air filters by NGK and BMC.

The folk at Jotech Motorsports are reportedly providing three upgrade packages. Besides the stage 2 which we’ve shortly presented for you here, there are a stage 1 set, which adds 20 HP to the car’s muscle, and an ultimate level stage 3 package which makes the engine deliver an additional 220 HP.