Porsche Cayman GT4 by Mcchip

3 Aug 2015 8:36 am | Cars, Porsche


Porsche Cayman GT4 by Mcchip

Porsche Cayman is one of top three of my favorite cars at the moment. The GT4 is its most powerful version and it finally brings the Cayman closer to the 911 in terms of performance, although still avoiding the turbocharger. All this being said, it’s hard to imagine that I would like to see this car tampered with. However, Mcchip’s upgrades are more than welcome.


The upgrade consists of a “simple” chip tuning which boosts the power to 406 horsepower and 452 Nm of torque. Although the boost may not seem massive, this wonderfully balanced car becomes even more of a joy to drive than before, so it’s more than welcome, especially having in mind that it doesn’t include expensive and severe, albeit more than welcome, changes such as adding a turbocharger.