Porsche Panamera Diesel by BaanVelgen

4 Apr 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Porsche

It’s true, I can’t really say I’ve heard of tuning newcomer BaanVelgen, but the garage from Netherlands is out making a name for itself. I’m giving them a thumbs-up after developing this after-market cosmetics package for the Porsche Panamera DieselVorsteiner was responsible for the aerodynamics kit, which includes a front bumper with a lip spoiler, marker light housing, inter-cooler ducts side skirts and a duck tail rear spoiler incorporated in the tailgate.

Porsche specialist TechArt was also in on it, providing the sports exhaust system with quad tailpipes, and so was Japanese garage Wurde. The latter came up with the candy red foil for the rear lights. Before releasing this Porsche out into the worldBaanVelgen fitted the Panamera with a set of 21-inch alloys from Modulare after wrapping them in Michelin performance tires. This may be a diesel, but it’s definitely not slow. And it’s definitely awesome!