Prior-Design Gives Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Looks Cool

13 Dec 2016 3:16 am | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Prior-Design Gives Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Looks Cool

From Prior-Design, fitting your Mercedes S-Class Coupe with this PD75SC wide-body kit will instantly turn you into the “boss of the boulevard and head of the highway.”As colorfully put as that may be, we kind of understand their point, as this is one very imposing luxury coupe even without the wide-body parts and the custom rear wing.

prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-10 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-16 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-9 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-8

Of course, the kit consists of much more than just those two bits. Aside from the arches with air intakes and the previously mentioned wing, this Duraflex-mix PD75SC kit consists of a front bumper, spoiler, hood, side skirts with side blades, 3-piece rear spoiler, rear bumper and a 2-piece diffuser.

One majot point is the body expansion at the rear, as this S-Class Coupe is bigger by 10cm per side, reaching a considerable width of 2.12 meters (6’9″ ft) for the entire vehicle. By the way, the car not only looks more aggressive, but sounds more aggressive too thanks to the stainless steel exhaust system with throttle control.

prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-7 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-6 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-5 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-4

Other, will upgrades include Nappa and Alcantara leather for the interior, and PD4 forged wheels for the exterior, measuring 10×22″ at the front and 12×22″ at the rear.

prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-3 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-2 prior-pd75sc-kit-merc-sclass-coupe-1 prior-pd75sc